100% Recyclable St. Patrick's Day Paper Face Masks

4.99 excl VAT

Your St. Patrick's Day Paper Face Mask set will include 12 creative designs to keep the family entertained for hours!

Our In-house design studio have firstly created 6 unique designs for you to colour in, and when you get tired of that, we have included 6 designs pre-coloured and ready to wear.

Sold in packs of 12 designs. 6 for you to colour in and 6 designs ready to be used.


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Product description


We recommend using pencils and crayons when colouring in your design. Not markers or paint.

Top Benefits of Paper Face Masks:

1. Paper Face Masks have a child friendly designs, also come in a 'ready to colour' design for endless fun.

2. Paper Face Masks are comfortable, non-allergenic and pleasant on the skin.

3. Paper Face Masks have adjustable pop out sections to the right and left to allow for comfortable customised fit while wearing.

4. Paper Face Masks are very lightweight, cost effective and have a unique design for every occasion.

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