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Letterhead continuation sheets

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Continuation sheets give your business documents a professional boost. Printed using litho printing techniques, our continuation sheets are safe to be printed over using your office printer.

Product description

Save your letterheads. Use continuation sheets

You know all about letterheads. If you are sending a one-page document to a potential or loyal client, whether single or double sided, they are the perfect way to show how professional your business is. But… if your correspondence has several pages, did you know you needn’t use your headed paper for all of them? No, no, don’t even think of printing just on plain paper. That’s unbranded and forgettable – and the last thing we want. Enter the continuation sheets.

Printed on the same paper as letterheads and using the same state-of-the-art machinery and with the same care, they exude quality. The only difference is the design… Continuation papers’ design is lighter, with less information, than letterheads, so they still give your business a professional look and feel but without overstating it.

If you already have a design for it, simply upload the file to our website in a matter of clicks. If you don’t have any artwork for the continuation paper, create it online. Use our simple editor and start with a blank canvas.

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Good to know...

What are continuation sheets?

They are a version of your headed paper, however with a lighter design layout, ideal to be used for printing official business documents with several pages.

What paper are they printed on?

We print your design on three types of paper. 120gsm Edixion Challenger Offset, 115gsm Splendorgel Extra White and 120gsm Freelife Cento correspond to the standard, premium and recycled options. In a nutshell, they are very similar in weight, but different in look and feel – premium being smoother, while recycled is uncoated so has a slight textured surface.

Can it be double sided?

Yes. You can get them printed single or double-sided.

Tips to upload your artwork

CMYK colour

All files are printed on CMYK colour mode. Don’t worry if you send us your file in RGB or Pantone, our system will automatically convert it to CMYK – but just so you know, this could alter colours slightly.

Bleed area

This is a safe area that ensures no white edges on your continuation sheets after trimming. Ensure you add a 3mm margin all around with extended background colour or image.

High resolution

To ensure your design will not look pixelated when printed, the file needs to be a minimum of 300dpi. Learn more about how to check your file resolution in our blog post.

File format

Our system accepts PDF, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF. If you want your continuation paper to be double-sided, send us one file with two pages, each page with the design for one side of your sheet.