Pull up banners

What sizes of pull up banners do you offer?

All of our pull up banners are 2000mm high and you can choose between 850mm or 1500mm wide.

I already have the banner mechanism, can I purchase only the graphics?

Yes. You can choose to purchase the complete kit, or just the replacement vinyl display if you already have the stand.

Are the roller roll up banners printed single or double sided?

Our pull up banners are only printed single sided.

Presentation folders

What paper options do you offer for business folders?

Your custom printed folders are printed on 350gsm stock. This is a thick card, perfect to protect your paperwork. You can choose between standard (silk) or recycled.

What's the pocket size?

Our personalised folders have a pocket that can hold approximately 10 sheets.

Do you offer a business card slit?

No. Our presentation folders don't have a business card slit, we find that it takes away from the clear presentation lines.

Do you offer lamination options?

Yes. The paper stock we print your design on is thick and strong but if you want to brighten the colours up even more, you can choose to apply a layer of gloss or matt coating. The gloss lamination has a vinyl-like appearance to it and makes colours look shinier. The matt lamination slightly mutes colours for a less shiny look.

Presentation board

What's the material used for the poster display boards?

Our boards are 5mm foam. This structure is perfect to support your artwork and help your brand make a professional and polished impression.

Do the presentation boards stand on their own?

Although strong, the thickness of the board isn't enough to allow it to stand on its own. It's perfect to ensure your artwork won't accidentally fold.

What sizes do you offer?

From A1 to A4. You can choose between portrait or landscape. Just note that all boards are only printed single-sided.


What paper type are posters printed on?

We use 170gsm stock. This paper is light and flexible, yet strong enough to last. Choose between standard silk (which has a natural low sheen coating to it) or our recycled option (for a slight textured look and feel).

Can posters be printed double-sided?

For sure, they can be printed single or double-sided - and you can have different designs on each side of your poster.

What sizes are available?

Anything between A0 and A4.

Pop up stand

How big is the pop up stand?

In total, there are five panels; three are totally visible (in the middle) and one will wrap up on each side. Each panel is 2,224mm high by 673mm wide. Its total area is 7.5m2, while the visible area is 5.7m2.

What material is used for the pop up displays?

They are printed on PVC.

Is it easy to set up?

Yep, the panels are held up by magnetic bars, so all you need is to expand it, click it to stay in place and attach the vinyl panels. Note that three lights are also provided to be added to the top of your stand.


What paper options do you offer for letterheads?

You can choose between three options. The standard option is Edixion Challenger Laser, the premium option is 115gsm Splendorgel Extra White and the recycled option is 120gsm Freelife Cento 100% Recycled Uncoated. With very similar thickness, they vary on the look and feel - premium is smoother and recycled offers an slight textured feel.

What letterhead sizes do you offer?

Letterheads are printed on standard A4 so you can use them in your home or office printer to add your content to them.


Are envelopes included?

Yep, a blank envelope will be sent with every greeting card. We offer a variety of colours, pick your favourite when ordering.

Are the greeting cards folded?

Nope. The cards are printed similarly to a postcard, single or double sided.

What paper type is available?

Your design can be printed on three paper types. The 350gsm silk is our standard paper as it's ideal for cards due to its thickness. For a premium look, with a stunning white shade, go for our premium material, the 300gsm Sirio Pearl Ice White. If you are looking for a slight textured surface, our recycled option is right up your alley - this is a 350gsm Freelife Cento 100% Recycled paper.

Can I laminate my cards?

Yes - you can make the colours brighter with a gloss coating or mute them slightly, for an elegant look, with matt lamination. You can, of course, choose to have no lamination.

Folded leaflet

What paper do you print the folded leaflets on?

In silk and in recycled stock. For each option, we offer two thicknesses. The standard option is 170gsm silk, which is thicker than the usual printer paper but still flexible. But we can go heavier with our standard heavy at 250gsm silk. Our recycled option follows the same approach, with two options, one at 170gsm and another at 260gsm.

What types of fold do you offer?

Short answer - three fold types. Our A4 and A5 folded leaflets have one single fold in the middle. Our DL folded leaflets have two folds - making three panels. You can choose between roll fold, which forms a C shape; or Z fold, for a (as you guessed!) Z shape.

Are these delivered folded or flat?

Folded free of charge. They get to you ready to be handed out to make your work easier.


What paper options do you offer for flyers?

We offer four types of paper! #spoilt ;) Our silk paper has a standard low sheen coating and is available on standard, at 170gsm or heavy at 250gsm. Same logic applies for recycled for a more natural look, decide between 170gsm or 260gsm.

What sizes can I choose?

A4, A5 and DL.

Can they be folded?

Our flyers have no folds - they are printed single or double sided. If you'd like folds, check our folded leaflet section.

Compliment slips

What paper is used for compliment slips?

You have three options here. Standard, premium and recycled correspond to, respectively, 120gsm Edixion Challenger Offset, 115gsm Splendorgel Extra White; and 120gsm Freelife Cento 100% recycled. They are all a bit heavier than standard office printer paper. Also, they are all uncoated - which means you can write your message with any pen without smudging.

What sizes are available?

DL size or, to be more specific, 99mm x 210mm. Choose portrait, landscape, single or double-sided. Yes, plenty of options, what's your pick?

Business cards

What is the size of these business cards?

Our business cards are trimmed to 85mm x 55mm - and you can choose to have square or rounded corners.

What paper is available for business cards?

You can get your design printed on three paper options. Our standard option is a 350gsm silk stock - this paper is thick and has a light coating by default. Our premium paper is a 340gsm Splendorgel Extra White; think of luxury - While the third option, last but not least, is a recycled paper, the 350gsm Freelife Cento 100% Recycled uncoated - this is perfect for a more rustic look and feel.

Can my business cards be laminated?

For our standard or premium paper, you can apply extra lamination. Do you prefer gloss or matt? We offer both, or none!


What paper options do you offer for my custom brochures?

The cover is printed on 260gsm, which is a thick card - the right stuff for the job of protecting your artwork. The inside pages are printed on 170gsm silk paper, this is a tad thicker than the usual printer paper, or recycled paper.

What type of binding do you offer?

Your booklets will be stapled. That's also called saddle stitch binding. In a nutshell, we print your artwork on a spread and fold it in half with one or more staples in the middle holding all pages together. Light magazines are a great example of this type of binding.

How do I send my files?

If you send each page as a separate file we will put them all together for you when printing.


The product(s) I wish to purchase don't seem to be available on your website, is there someone I can speak to?

Yes, our online store lists the most commonly purchased items only. If you have more bespoke requirements, we can work to deliver on that for you. Simply email shop@tpi.ie