About Us

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About Us

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We make print ordering simple

Hello there! We are all about print.

We offer world class marketing materials available and easily accessible to every company, no matter the size.

When we say accessible, we mean fully – you are in charge. With our website, you can get instant quotes, upload your files in a few clicks or use our free editor to create your design online. But don’t worry, if you need any help, we are just one click away!

We’re local. We’re print.

We are local, just outside Dublin, and to achieve our mission of allowing local businesses best represent their brand in the market, we combine your unique design with our premium print quality and finishing skills and voila… you have a collection of personalised printed materials ready to stand out from the competition when promoting and expanding your business.

We love the power of print. Don’t get us wrong, we love digital too, but we can’t imagine a world with only digital. Print is physical, real and tactile. Print garners attention. Print is what we know and do best.

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Our Values

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Print gives you the license to go to the extremes of creativity. There are no limitations - it's a blank canvas.

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We set up processes to best use resources and time, avoiding waste and reaching maximum productivity.

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We actively work towards reducing the impact on the environment through conscious eco-friendly initiatives.

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We can count on The Printed Image’s excellence

Although we are kind of the new kid on the block, The Printed Image has our back, so you can expect nothing but excellence in all that we do. That’s right, The Printed Image, with over 25 years of experience in providing fantastic print, is supporting us. Exciting to say the least!

Why not join us? Browse our product range and get your brand out there with quality print.

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