Meet The Team

Pogo characters in Pogo T-shirt, representing the Pogo team

Meet the team

Intuitive website, automated print, state-of-the-art machinery... it sounds great, but, wait, who's behind it all? Meet the Pogo team, the people that make the magic happen.

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The perfect combination of cool, fun and pro. Suzanne loves socialising and talking to customers. She is ready to help you anytime; why not say hello?

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Bouncing from one department to another, Tracy has a 360-degree view of everything Pogo and ensures it all runs smoothly.

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Agnes spends her day swinging across all different touch points to ensure your order process is simple and fluid - making life easier for us and you. Thanks Agnes!

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The devil is in the detail and your order doesn't come off our presses ready to go. Lots more has to happen before that. Lucky for us, Mark's a multi-tasker.

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From our office to yours, Paul's dedicated to finding the best delivery route to ensure your materials get to you quickly and safely.

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Creating Pogo's best impression on the screen is Tom's passion. He is the brains behind our intuitive and effective website.

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